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MAKE YOUR RESERVATIONS/PURCHASE YOUR TICKETS ONLINE : Make your own seat reservations at any time and pay by credit card in a secure VeriSign environment. Visit www.fctstage.org  click “Show and Tickets”

By Mail : If you prefer not to order your tickets with a credit card, you may order them by mail by sending a check to FCT, P.O. Box 3046, Warrenton, VA 20188. Please be sure to indicate which performance date you want, the number of seats, and how many are adults, seniors and students.      
Visit the FCT website www.fctstage.org  and click “Get Tickets” then click Ticket Order Form to view and Print form from your browser or you may:
Click to DOWNLOAD and SAVE the Form in .pdf format. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader on your machine you may download it here:

By Phone: Ticket reservations by phone are available for our regular production season line-up. Just call (540) 349-8760 or TOLL FREE (877) 349-8760 and listen to the instructions on the message. You'll be asked to pay by credit card.

By Subscription: A season subscription affords an exceptional value. Visit our Subscription page for more information.

At the Door: Tickets are generally available at the door, however some shows, especially musicals, tend to sell-out in advance. The best way to get your tickets is to get them in advance.

The purpose of the Warning Notification Plan is to alert the public of impending threats such as tornados and to seek shelter or immediate emergency information.
Due to the recent weather patterns and potential for severe life threatening damaging storms and for the purposes of homeland security, the Warrenton Volunteer Fire Company station siren has been reactivated to function as an early warning system.
I. The siren will be activated for the following emergencies:
     1. NOAA Alert of a Tornado Warning where Warrenton is in the path
     2. Tornado Warnings where a credible witness has sighted a tornado or funnel cloud
     3. Reported terrorist attack with direct local impact
II. Once the siren is activated, citizens should seek shelter and tune into WTOP or scanner for emergency information.
III. The siren will be tested on the second Tuesday of every month at noon. Initially, this notice will be posted on Adelphia Cable Channel 3, announced on WTOP (103.5 FM) on Monday evenings and Tuesday mornings, and will be on the county and town websites.
Once the decision has been made to sound the siren the WFJCC personnel will sound the siren as follows:
     1 Sound two pre-alert fire tones
     2.Announce the emergency such as “Attention all monitors, the National Weather Service has issued a Tornado Warning for Fauquier County to include Warrenton……..”
     3. Send the siren tones
     4 .Announce the emergency information again
     5. Repeat this procedure based on existing conditions as needed

#1: Extreme Heat/Hot Weather: check out the Weather Channel Website on ways to cope with the heat http://www.weather.com/ready/heat/during.html?from=safety_ExtremeHeat     Drink cool liquids often, particularly water, even if you do not feel thirsty, to help your body stay cool. Avoid alcoholic beverages, which dehydrate the body.
#2: Severe Storms in Fauquier/Town of Warrenton "Be Alert": Be sure to tune to your local television channel and/or radio channel for tornado watches and/or warnings if there are severe storms in the area. The Town of Warrenton warning siren will of off as the characteristics of a funnel cloud appear to move into the area.

Would you like to post an event?  Send an e-mail  to FVCM with all the particulars you want posted.  They will forward to Rich Holland.



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