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Annual March 8th BoD      March 8th BoD      May 30th BoD      July 26th BoD      September 12th BoD


February 7th, BoD     Annual March 27th     March 27th BoD     May 3rd BoD     August 20th, BoD     November 5th, BoD


Annual March 20th     March 20th BoD     May 1st BoD     June 27th BoD

Aug 7th Special Meeting of the Membership     August 7th BoD     December 11th, BoD


Annual March 4th         March 4th BoD      May 27th BoD    

Aug 19th Special Meeting the Membership      Aug 19th BoD     Nov 11th BoD


Annual March 3rd         March 3rd BoD          May 26th BoD          September 1st BoD          November 10th BoD


  Annual March 9th          March 9th BoD          May 11th BoD          August 3rd BoD          November 2nd  


Annual March 7th          March 7th BoD          May 22nd BoD          Aug 14th BoD          November 13th BoD   


Annual March 5th          March 5th BoD          May 7th BoD          August 13th BoD          October 2nd Special BoD          November 12th BoD 


Annual March 4th          March 4th BoD          May 13th BoD          August 12th BoD          November 12th BoD


Annual March 3rd          March 3rd BoD          May 6th BoD          August 5th BoD          November 4th BoD 


Annual March 2nd          March 2nd BoD          July 20th BoD          November 9th BoD


Annual March 8th          March 8th BoD          July 12th BoD            November 8th BoD


Annual March 7th          March 7th BoD          July 18th BoD          November 7th BoD


Annual March 6th Draft





Important HOA Links

Code of Virginia, Title 55 - PROPERTY AND CONVEYANCES Chapter 26 - Property Owners' Association Act
Commonwealth of Virginia Memorandum Dated June 28th, 2012
Silver Cup Estates HOA Policy Resolution 2013-1112OMB
Silver Cup Estates Administrative Resolution 2013-1112COL
Silver Cup Estates Homeowners Association, Inc. Policy Resolution No. 3
Articles of Incorporation and Declaration of Protective Covenants Covenants     Certificate of Fictitious Name 
Amendment  Mar 2009     Amendment May 2012     Amendment Nov 2013 

By-Laws of Silver Cup Estates

Silver Cup Estates By-Laws with Amendment Aug 2008
 Silver Cup Estates By-Laws Amendment Aug 2009
Architectural Design Guidelines Architectural Design Guidelines May 2007
Architectural Approval Form Architectural Approval Form Silver Cup
Silver Cup Estates Due Process Procedures Due Process Procedure
Request for Property Owners' Disclosure Package Disclosure Package
Synopsis of House Bill 516 - 2008 Amendments to the Condominium Act and POA Act House Bill 515 Amendments
RT. 17 and Rt. 211 Connector Information

  Rt. 17 and Rt. 211 Connector (by-Pass)


Government Links


 US Government's Official WEB Portal to all federal, state and local government web resources and services.

 The White House home page.
 United States Congress home page.
 United States Senate home page.
 United States House of Representatives home page.
 The Library of Congress home page.
 The Official Commonwealth of Virginia home page.
 Virginia General Assembly  home page.
 Fauquier County home page.
 The Town of Warrenton, VA home page. 

Miscellaneous Links

 WEB MD Home page.   Neighborhood Watch  Information Bulletin    

  Free localized shopping website that lets you find the closest stores (and their opening hours) and the best deals and sales in the Warrenton area.

   Warrenton Retail Web Site


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